Accurate, thorough, reliable, fair and professional. Our clients know they can count on us for appraisals that are all that and more.

Marine assets are unique and serve a wide variety of purposes. As such, we take the time to examine the characteristics, conditions and circumstances relative to all equipment or property we value. Using the information collected, we consider multiple standard approaches to valuation and ultimately apply the method or methods that deliver the most complete, most accurate values for a particular asset.

We effectively analyze market and industry trends, past and current, and understand the regulations and factors that affect the value of marine assets. Based on those factors, we develop a reasonable picture of future trends and thereby realistically forecast the future values of your assets. That helps you make more informed decisions when it comes to managing your marine portfolio.

Our vessel appraisers usually have a bachelor or master degree in one or more shipping domains, e.g. in ship design, ship engineering or nautical. Ship appraisers have a distinguished expertise to judge the special and unique aspects of a vessel and its commercial and technical applicability.

The comprehensive knowledge of the sale and purchase market, long term experience in shipping and substantiated knowledge of economics, (e.g. level of charter rates, operational expenses) and marine technology enables the vessel appraiser to pass an expert opinion of a reliable market value of a vessel.